Tournament Rules

The Tournament will be conducted under National Federation Rules and UIL guidelines, with the exception of the rules published here.

 In bracket play, the top team listed will be the home team. The home team will wear white (light) jerseys. The home team should use the bench to the right of the scorer's table, as you face the floor. Each team's basket for the pre-game warm-up will be the basket furthest from its bench.
 The games will be two (2) sixteen (16) minute halves. The clock will run with the exception of the last two (2) minutes of each half. Half time will be 2 minutes (half time may be reduced at the option of the Tournament Director). All overtime periods will be 2 minutes.  

Teams will shoot the double bonus beginning with the 10th team foul and in all the act of shooting fouls.  

Each team will be allowed two (2) one minute timeouts per half. One additional timeout will be allowed for each overtime period. Players are permitted to sit on the bench during a time out.  

The official women’s basketball will be used for ALL girls divisions and 4th, 5th, and 6th boys divisions. The official men's basketball will be used for ALL other divisions.  

A minimum of 3 minutes will be provided for pre-game warm-up (the warm-up time may be reduced at the option of the Tournament Director). Half-time warm-up is available for team members in uniform and playing in the next scheduled game. Practice balls will not be provided.  

Any coach or player who is ejected from a game by a game official or the Tournament Director will not be allowed to participate in the next scheduled game for that team. 

Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. The Tournament Director or any game official may remove a player, coach, or fan from a game or tournament for inappropriate behavior. Each coach is responsible for the conduct of the team's players, coaches and fans on and off the court and must promote the best sportsmanship, win or lose. All players, coaches, and fans must respect the call of the officials. 

The Tournament Director may modify the Tournament Rules when the Tournament Director deems it in the best interests of the tournament to do so and all teams will be bound by any such change.  

Player Eligibility & Protests 

Top Gun Tournaments takes player eligibility very seriously. All players will be required to have a copy of their birth certificate and proof of their 2017/2018 school year grade. Players may be checked randomly for eligibility at the discretion of the tournament directors. Players will not be able to participate without both items if they are checked for eligibility. Any team found playing ineligible players will be immediately disqualified and no refund will be given. 

Top Gun Tournaments will use the grade based and the 2018 age eligibility rules (the grade the player was in on October 1st, 2017 and the age of the player on August 31st, 2017). High School Varsity division players can be up to 19 years old and includes 12th graders. 2018 High School graduates must not have played any sports for any college or university. Any player can play in a higher grade level than they are in. 

A player may not play for more than one team. 

The Tournament Director shall apply the Player Eligibility Rules in such a manner as the Tournament Director deems appropriate to uphold not only the letter but the spirit of such rules and all teams shall be bound by any such application. 


A protest should be reported immediately so that it may be heard in a timely manner. Any protest of a player's eligibility must be made prior to a game. Failure to protest eligibility prior to a game will waive a team's opportunity to protest any player's eligibility for that game. 

All protests must be in writing and accompanied by the official protest fee of $75 cash per player being protested. This fee is refundable only if the matter is ruled in the favor of the protesting party.  The ruling on a protest will be made by the Tournament Director and is final and binding on all participants in the event. 

Team Entry Withdrawal Policy

General: One of the biggest challenges to managing events is late entry withdrawals by teams. Such entry withdrawals shift energies and resources away from preparing for future events to damage control for a late change in a tournament. For that reason, the tournament sponsors have adopted this Tournament Entry Withdrawal Policy. 

Entry Withdrawal. A team withdrawing an entry 2 full weeks prior to the 1st day of the tournament will receive a full cash refund of the Entry Fee, provided that the withdrawal must be made by email to 

Late Withdrawal. Any withdrawal after the 2 week period will be considered to be a Late Withdrawal. The Entry Fee for a Late Withdrawal will not be refunded. 

The tournament sponsors assume no duty or responsibility to find a replacement entry for a Late Withdrawal. 

The Late Withdrawal policy may be modified or waived by the Tournament Director in the event of extenuating circumstances. Factors considered will include communications from the teams as to their entry withdrawal, the timing of such communications, the circumstances causing the entry withdrawal and such other considerations deemed relevant by the Tournament Director. The Tournament Director's decision as to the application of the Team Entry Withdrawal Policy shall be binding upon all parties.  

Game Forfeiture Policy

General: Teams must be ready to play at the scheduled game time. If a team is not present with at least 4 players one minute after the scheduled game start time, the game is a forfeit. Teams participating in an event expect their opponent to be as diligent and consciences as their team in being on time and prepared to participate in ALL scheduled games. Tournament play requires games to be played early morning and late evening, which may not always be convenient for the participating teams, but that is the nature of tournament play nonetheless. One of the most disappointing incidents for a team is to have the opponent fail to show for a scheduled game. To minimize the occurrence of forfeited games and to address the matter with the participating teams, this tournament has adopted these Game Forfeiture Rules. 

Team Forfeiting Game.  

When a team forfeits a game in any tournament, the following rules apply:

·         The team receives a loss for the scheduled game.

·         A team forfeiting any game is still expected to play any and all subsequently scheduled games.

·    The team forfeits any team or individual awards given for participation in the forfeited game. 

·    A game called by a game official or Tournament Director due to the misconduct of a player, coach or fan shall be deemed a forfeiture by such team for purposes of this policy. 

The forfeit penalty rules may be modified or waived by the Tournament Director in the event of extenuating circumstances. Factors considered will include communications from the teams as to their unavailability to play the scheduled game, the timing of such communications, the circumstances causing the forfeiture and such other considerations deemed relevant by the National Director. The National Director's decision as to the application of the Forfeiture Rules shall be binding upon all parties.  

Team Having Game Forfeited  

Most game forfeitures are beyond the control of the Tournament sponsors. Since gym rental and officials must still be paid in the event of a forfeiture most tournament sponsors do not offer any refund or credit in the event of a forfeiture.

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